MAKAK Bed & Breakfast is a house with a garden in which we grow our own fruits and vegetables. The tomatoes, cucumbers and the herbs we grow are in abundance, and we have an orchard with plum, apple, cherry and peach trees. All these home-grown products and freshly baked bread are the core of the many new recipes we create for our guests. Our menu is seasonal and tailored for each guest individually. Meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans are all welcome! We love cooking gluten free dishes too, so every foodie is in paradise in MAKAK.


No matter whether you are an early riser and eager to have breakfast and hit the many tourist sites near MAKAK or a guest who loves lounging in bed until noon – we have a big, warm, home-made breakfast for you. A table overflowing with different cold meats and cheeses, homemade jams, pancakes or traditional Bulgarian banitsa to help you start the day in a celebratory mood.


Having guests every day at MAKAK is a holiday for us and we serve holiday feasts, which consist of five different dishes from a menu, specially designed to make each and every guest feel cared for and special. The easy going atmosphere, the conversations, the delicious meals, the excellent Bulgarian wines, and the homemade raspberry and mint liquors we serve at dinner make up for a magical dinner party in any season.


There are so many excellent picnic spots around MAKAK, and we love preparing special picnic baskets for our guests. They contain local salami and cheese, homemade pates, jams, deserts and spreads, which combined with fresh homemade bread and a bottle of wine and homemade lemonade, makes you feel like you are dining in a fancy outdoor restaurant.


We make many different jams, and the recipes for them are our own. The fruits we grow ourselves. Our guests are in love with the lemonade we make, with our aromatic elder flower syrup and with the homemade liquors we serve as digestive at dinner or as a welcome drink when you arrive at MAKAK.


Rossi also loves teaching and sharing her skills. Since some of the recipes she uses in her cooking classes are uniquely her own, and some are passed to her from her mother, the cooking classes are not only fun, but a way to taste authentic Bulgaria and learn something about its culture. Check our Blog section for upcoming cooking classes.


Our blog is full of recipes and fun stories about the way Rossi comes up with new ideas. There will be tales of our tasty travels in search of inspiration. Best of all, when you subscribe to our blog you can go on adventures with us, explore old Bulgarian villages, and get acquainted with the “The Dough Grannies”. The blog is also full of tales of gatherings of food lovers and cooking enthusiasts from all over the world as we often partner with MULTI KULTI Collective, an organization which slogan is “Diversity is tasty”.